Rob Colbourne: www.robcolbourne.co.uk

Stuart Mugridge: www.smabs.co.uk

David Patten:  www.davidpatten.co.uk

“…the comparative limitations of local enabling infrastructures and inward investment mean that improvisation and thrift, make-do and mend and the amplificatory potential of strategic alliance have long since been the necessary tools of art practice that is consciously progressive and internationally extensive in its engagements.  Hitherto arguably the creative bi-product of economic and cultural inequity – of the particular conditions in which artists and art survive in contexts other than those of the main urban centres  – such approaches, ironically, now seem set to become the ubiquitous modus operandi of our times.

…artists recently brought to my attention social anthropologist Tim Ingold’s new book… The artists are interested in developing a kind of ‘mass exploration’…as a means of understanding what might fruitfully be the practices of ‘public art’ in the processes of a city’s becoming. They proposed public art as inhabitant study of the cumulative inhabiting that constitutes the city itself – as a collective project of following what is going on.”

Professor Antonia Payne, University of Worcester, Unpublished Text 2011


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